13th May 2016

Parents’ Day Registeration

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14th May 2016

Kinder Saturday School Newsletter – May 14

A Room with a View It was great to have the class back together again after the holidays, and even better to start back in our new rooms up on the eleventh floor! There is so much more light and air up there, as well the outside areas and the smart […]
14th May 2016

Junior Saturday School Newsletter – May 14

GREETINGS Saturday School Junior class! We had a great 3rd week in Saturday School juniors! Phonics Basic phonics (a to u) Grammar prepositions of place: on, next to, between, across from Pronouns: I, you, he\she\it, we, they Like/don`t like to… Vocabulary        Spring theme vocabulary: March, April, May, […]
21st May 2016

Literacy Week May 30 – June 3

Dear families, Abroad’s annual Literacy Week is May 30 – June 3. This year, we want to make Literacy Week bigger and better than ever!  We really want to promote literacy skills and the love of reading in all of the school’s languages! We have planned some special activities that we would […]