Frequently Asked Questions

1Q:As parents, we have no English ability. Is it a problem when enrolling in the school?
A:Parents are not required to have English ability. Abroad has bilingual staff that all parents can communicate easily. Important notices from school are translated into Japanese and it is possible to have Japanese support at the parent-teacher conferences.
2Q:My child doesn’t know any English, can s/he enroll in AIS?
A:AIS language admissions criterion differs according to the age of the student. AIS has EAL (English as Additional Language) support service for new students.
3Q:How do the AIS graduates who go to Japanese public schools go on learning English?
A:AIS graduates either go to Japanese public schools or private schools. To support their English even after the graduation, AIS provides Saturday school programs for its graduates.
4Q:Is a two year old child who uses diapers allowed to enroll the school?
A:Students are supported in all different learning areas in AIS. Toilet training of the young students is followed by AIS carefully as well as their other developmental needs.
5Q:How is your school security?
A:School and student safety has utmost importance in AIS. All the necessary safety measures are taken by school and school staff carefully and student awareness is supported by monthly emergency drills and seminars.
6Q:Are there any other fees apart from the enrollment fee and tuition fee?
A:The fee regulations of AIS is shared with the prospective and enrolled parents every year. You can always find the detailed information in admissions information. Other than yearly fees, optional service fees such as lunch, daycare may apply monthly.
7Q: Is it okay to withdraw half-way through term or take a temporary leave from school?
A:Yes. AIS has withdrawal and temporary leave policies.