A typical Day

We would like to tell you how we spend a day at school and the activities we do here.

Time Period  
8:00 – 8:30 Arrival We arrive at school after 8 a.m. in the morning. Some of us come with parents, some with a teacher on the school bus. There is always a teacher that welcomes and supervises us at the floor’s door and reminds us to change into our indoor shoes.We go to class, unpack our backpack and get ready for the day. We enjoy playing games with our friends until the character education time.
08:30-09:00 Mor. Meeting 8:30 is a time for morning meetings where we greet our peers, do a calendar activity, talk about the day’s activities and character education activities. It really helps us wake up and concentrate for the day ahead of us.
09:00-09:40 Period 1 Regular classes start at 9 a.m. as two 40-minute-periods with a short break in between. We have a snack recess after the second period.  After another two periods, with a 5-minute-break in between them, and a 45-minute lunch break follows at 12:05. Some of us enjoy eating school lunch and some others bring their own. We take the rest of our time to enjoy playing games with our friends. It is a good relaxing time for all of us.One luxury we have here at Abroad is access to a number of specialist teachers to teach the subjects of Maths, Science, Japanes, Music, and ICT. This both gives our homeroom teachers a break for planning and relaxation and us to enjoy learning from different teachers.


09:45-10:25 Period 2
10:25-10:40 Snack
10:40-11:20 Period 3
11:25-12:05 Period 4
12:05-12:30 Lunch
12:30-12:50 Recess
12:50-13:30 Period 5
13:35-14:15 Period 6
14:20-15:00 Period 7
15:00-15:15 Afternoon Meeting Time passes quickly and we finish a regular day with a short afternoon meeting between 3 p.m. and 3:15. Then some of us are dismissed to return home and the others enjoy After School Programs.
15:20-16:00 ASC / Day Care Between 3:20 and 4:00, we have After School Programs: Something we look forward to! Our teachers organize enjoyable extracurricular activities which we love having with students from other classes.
16:05-16:15 Dismissal Well, it has been a long day and we leave the school at 4:05 but only to gain more energy at home to spend on another enjoyable day at school!