How to Apply

STEP 1 Getting the application form

First fill out the application form.

You can download the application form from our homepage (or request one via phone or email) or you can fill out the online application form.

Online Application Form

Download Application Form

STEP 2 Filling out the forms and submitting them

Submitting the application forms and other necessary documents

After filling out all mandatory fields of the application form, please submit the online form or bring the hard copy documents together with your child’s picture and all other necessary documents (Or scan/send them by mail).
Note: You can hand in all documents up to one year in advance of the expected date of entry.

STEP 3 Document Screening and Secondary Examination

We will inform you about an interview date

Candidates chosen for a secondary examination (interview) will be contacted regarding the date of the interview.

STEP 4 Result notification and Enrolment procedure

One last step!

After the second examination Abroad International School will let you know about your admission.
Successful applicants should complete the enrolment procedure by the designated time.

STEP 5 New Life Starts

Let’s enjoy broadening our view!

Let’s begin a new life at Abroad International School.
See you in Abroad!!