After-school English

On the way home, let’s have A+ English and develop your child’s “ Listening and Speaking” ability!

After School is held in late afternoon on weekdays. The curriculum mainly focuses on Speaking and Listening.

All classes are provided by English teachers who have good experience. Kids are able to learn natural English with ease. Just concentrating on speaking English regularly from childhood will influence their improvement of English skills greatly and give them a strong basis for future development. It is also useful for children who go to Japanese elementary school after graduating from an international school to keep their precious English learning environment.


  • Room Teacher System
  • Small Classes
  • Monthly Report
  • Flexible Lesson Number and Time ( 1-3 times/ week)
  • Private Lesson Available
  • Small Classes
  • Monthly Tuition
  • 90 min Lesson

※Each School may have slightly different content and fees.

For further details, please contact the school directly by phone or email.

Parent’s View

In Japan, there are Japanese-English words, and sometimes native English speakers do not understand these words. I want my son to get English skills which he can use in an actual conversation. So, I have been taking him to After School for more than three years. Surprisingly, he can speak English like a native.

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