Daycare Service  


Service Hours

AM   8:00~9:00     PM   15:00~18:00


Service Fees

The below fees apply for every 30 minutes.

Application Type Fee per 30 min
1. Regular Application ¥300
2. Advance Application ¥600
3. On the Day application ¥1,100


 How to Use the Service

1.Regular Application

  • Regular application means using the service on the same days and hours every week.
  • Changes, cancellations, and applications can be submitted by the specified deadline in the preceding month by submitting the [Regular Daycare Application Form] to the office.
  • Please note that fees apply even if the service is not utilized on any of the designated days and hours.

2.  Advance Application

  • Applications, changes, or cancellations can be made until 5 pm on the preceding day.
  • Please complete the [Daycare Advanced Application] form available in the office, specifying your preferred days and hours.
  • Please note that fees apply as per your application, even if you choose to pick up your child earlier.

3.  On the Day Application

  • For on-the-day applications, please contact the office directly on the day you would like to use the service. 
  • Regardless of the pickup time, fees will be applied in accordance with your submitted application.


Payment Process

  • Invoices will be sent at the end of each month, and your account will automatically be charged on the designated day.


Important Notes

  • Should you pick up your child later than the scheduled time, an additional fee will be applied.