Welcome to Abroad International School (AIS) Sendai!

The vision of AIS is to provide students with an English language learning environment in preparation for their future studies and life in an increasingly international world. The active involvement of all members of the school community in an open and responsive environment is critical to the success of AIS. This environment places the child’s interests first. The interaction of students, faculty and families creates an energetic and dynamic atmosphere. At our school, students greatly benefit from this family-like environment, improving their character development and community awareness.

We are very proud of our faculty members, the staff that provides a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm. They are sensitive to creating a successful learning experience for each of their students, characteristics that result from their own international exposure.

AIS will be a unique and important start for all our students. They will have the advantage of a head start in their English language studies as well as a wider global understanding. AIS will prepare children for a long-term international education.

We hope that our website communicates this blending of ideas and ideals and begins to answer some of your questions about Abroad International School. I encourage you to explore the site and contact us directly if you need any additional information.

Abroad Sendai