• Short course aims at providing students a smooth transition to normal course.
    • Short course is only for infant and toddlers.
    • Short and normal course students share the same classroom.
    • Short course students will be dismissed after lunch time.
    • Short course capacity depends on the availability and operation needs of the school and is subject to change when needed.
    • Normal course applicants will be given priority in terms of capacity during enrolment.
    • Applying for extra day is possible, if it is at least 3 days in advance. Office will inform you about the result of your inquiry.


    Changing course from short to normal

    • Change from short course to normal course is possible and encouraged. The change from normal course to short course is not provided.
    • Changing the course in the middle of the term is possible depending on the availability. Please inquire about the availability to office by 10th of the previous month.


    Changing school days (for 3 and 4 days options)

    • You can change your child’s school days of the week to be effective from the following month. (For ex. from Mon, Wed, Fri to Mon, Tue, Fri)
    • Please apply school office by 10th of the previous month to inquire for availability. (Office will inform you by 20th of the previous month about the result of your inquiry.)


    Increasing number of school days in the week (for 3 and 4 days options)

    • You can change your child’s number of school days from 3 and 4 to 4 and 5. Changing from 5 or 4 to 3 is not available.




September, 2017









CLASS Short Course 1st Term (April~July) 2ndTerm (August~December) 3rd Term (January~March)
Infant 3 days ¥162,400 ¥203,000 ¥121,800
4 days ¥182,000 ¥227,500 ¥136,500
5 days ¥201,600 ¥252,000 ¥151,200
Toddler 4 days ¥182,000 ¥227,500 ¥136,500
5 days ¥201,600 ¥252,000 ¥151,200


*Application to normal course (09.00~15.00) on daily basis is possible with a fee of 3,000 yen. This will be mandatory for school events/rehearsals or activities when all students` attendance is required.



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