A Typical Day in Infant and Toddler Classes

Time Period  Activity
8:45~ Arrival We arrive at school after 8:45 a.m. in the morning. There is always a teacher that welcomes us at the school’s door and reminds us to change into our indoor shoes.

We go to class, unpack our backpack and get ready for the day. We enjoy playing games with our friends until the morning meeting time.

09:10 Morning Meeting We greet our peers, do a calendar activity, talk about the day’s activities and do character education activities. It really helps us wake up and concentrate for the day ahead of us.
09:40 Activity Time Each day we do an activity related to our weekly topic. We play games, we watch videos, we listen to stories, we do painting and crafts, we do physical activities and sometimes cooking activities.
10:10 Snack, Diaper/Toilet We eat our morning snack which is usually fruit based. Then it is diaper changing/toilet time.
10:40 Park Time/ Playroom  When the weather is nice, we go to a park near by. It is always fun to play in a park and get some fresh air. Other days, we play in our playroom.
11:30 Lunch  We are all very hungry and ready to eat the lunch!
12:10 Tooth brush, Diaper/Toilet Our teachers help us brush our teeth and change diapers before we go to nap.
12:30 Nap Time Now it is time to get some rest!
14:10 Snack, Diaper/Toilet We eat our afternoon snacks after we get up from nap.
14:40 Story Time/ Afternoon Meeting We listen to a story or watch a video and talk about our day before we go home.
15:00 Dismissal Well, it has been a long day, but full of fun. We go home just to get ready for another fun day at school.
~18:00 Day Care Some friends stay a little more at school until  their come to pick them up.



A Typical Day in Kindergarten Class

Time Period
08:45 ~ Arrival, Play Centers
09:10 Morning Meeting
09:40 Language & Literacy
10:20 Snack
10:50 Math
11:30 Park Time / PE
12:20 Lunch
12:50 Play Time
13:30 Reading & Writing
14:00 Topic Exploration & Art
14:50 Afternoon Meeting
15:00 Dismissal
~ 18:00 Day Care