Junior Saturday Newsletter April 23
25th April 2016

Saturday School Newsletter April 23

From Shortest to Tallest

This week we started class by singing and dancing to songs that featured the numbers from one to a hundred, such as “five little monkeys” and “ten in a bed”, which the children were already familiar with.

Once we had cleared up the pronunciation of the larger numbers (everybody is saying “twenty” or “thirty” now, instead of “two-ten” and “three-ten”) we measured each other with a long ruler and practiced the concepts of “shorter”, “taller”, “shortest” and “tallest”.

After we had learned how to say these words and use them in simple sentences, we played the Mystery Word game, where the kids choose letters from flash cards to fill in gaps on the white board, to figure out how to spell them.

Following a short break, we moved on to handwriting practice using our new words.

Next Saturday there will be no class held

-Could you please send your children to school with a towel or hand kerchief; we wash our hands after going to the gym, using playdough, etc. and at the moment everyone is using a lot of tissues to dry their hands.

Next Class

In our next class we will continue our practice of larger numbers and comparatives by looking at heavier/heaviest and lighter/lightest.
Have a great holiday! See you again soon!

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