First Swimming Lessons/初の水泳の授業
11th July 2022
Autumn Campaign/秋のキャンペーン
24th August 2022
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Japanese Culture Day/日本文化の日

On July 1st, We had Japanese Culture Day!  This is a  day to respect and celebrate our host country through Japanese  costumes, arts, and traditional and modern Japanese cultural activities.

This year, we had two activities, Karate in the morning and Festival Stalls in the afternoon.

Karate was a new activity for us and  it was a very interesting cultural experience for kids.

After Karate lessons, students enjoyed the variety of games.There were 6 stalls: body paint, water balloon scooping, chopstick gun, paper sumo, menko, and Fukuwarai. The stalls were really fun! 

Also all the students wrote Tanabata wishes and hung it on big bamboo trees.

Our students had lots of fun on that day!!