SDGs Fair
7th June 2022
Japanese Culture Day/日本文化の日
19th July 2022

First Swimming Lessons/初の水泳の授業

In 2022 June, Abroad International School Osaka could eventually carry out the first swimming lessons.

Due to Covid-19, swimming lessons could not be held until this year after the pool lessons were decided. It was really nice to finally be able to do it this year.


What we mainly did in the lessons:

・Put their face in water

・Bobbing (breathing practice)

・Stay in water for ten seconds

・Float on water with various ways

・Group activities divided by levels

・Treasure Hunt / Free time


Students took 3 pool lessons overall.  Even some students who had been afraid of entering the pool could enjoy swimming activities in the final lesson.  Above all, I was so happy that most students were excited for every swimming lesson!


We are looking forward to more wonderful swimming lessons next year!