Saturday School Newsletter – December 3rd
7th December 2016
Observation Request for Sacha
12th December 2016

Science Week 2016

Science week was a blast! we enjoyed a lot during this special week. Seeing kids enthusiastic about science and having fun while doing experiments/activities was amazing.

The theme for this year’s AIS Science Week was “Earth and Space”, encouraging young people to think about and investigate the universe and the world all around us; from little particles we see around to planets and stars.

It was full of collaboration and socializing week too as each grade level class had an opportunity to host and to visit its peer classes. Some classes even went further and have conducted experiments and observations at the Horie Park. Teachers from Science Committee visited our classes also, and did demonstrations for the kids. Our kinder classes visited science museum, did plenty of hands on science activity, watched space and stars in planetarium, and attended a science show in the museum.

We received lots of “Mad Scientists” photos from you for our competition and appreciate your great effort on the photos. Honestly, they all deserve to be a winner. However, we had to chose 3 according to the rules which was really hard for us to do. AIS staff voted and determined the winners and all of the photos are displayed for public on the floors’ walls. Congratulations to the winners!

We are thankful to all our students, parents and teachers for their effort and support they showed during this week! Your motivation, excitement and curiosity forced us to prepare such a great week.

We hope both students and parents enjoyed as much as we did.

Abroad International School