Saturday School Newsletter – Nov 11
14th November 2016
Saturday School Newsletter – December 3rd
7th December 2016

Saturday School Newsletter – Nov 19

Kinder Class

Hi everybody!
Thank you to everyone who asked after my health; I’d been fighting a cold last week and unfortunately I got the better of me on Saturday morning. It sounds like the kids had a good time with Mr William and helped him out a lot with his demonstration lesson.
This week we started of with our usual warm up questions and then reviewed days of the week, months and birthdays.
If you have a request for a topic you would like us to cover in class (maybe something your child is finding difficult) please don’t hesitate to ask.
Next we practiced our vocabulary from two weeks ago with a baseball game (“Does he have…”, “Yes, he does” and “no, he doesn’t”) then played the mystery word game to learn the phonics and spelling for the phrases “green eyes”, “blond hair” and “glasses”. We used these phrases in a game of “guess who”, with the kids asking me the questions this time.

Next we played a few games on the smartboard based around actions, then put these into use with a work sheet on the activities that different people enjoy, adapting “does he have….” to “does she like…”.

After lunch we played a few rounds of musical chairs then went down to the gym, had our snack while watching another episode of “my little pony” and read some stories in the library to finish up the day.

Have a great week! see you next time!

Junior Class

Hello everyone,

In the morning, we solved word search puzzle as usual to improve vocabulary skills. Then we did our morning routine and talked about days of the week, months of the year, date, weather and seasons. We sang some songs related to the topics and danced to get our energy out. This week we studied basic verbs such as “like” and “want” and used them in the sentences. We gave examples about what we like and what we want. We turned them into question forms and gave their answers as well. Before lunch time we played some vocabulary and sight words games on the smart board. After the lunch we played “shiritori” game by using English only. Lastly we listened to some stories before dismissal.
See you next week!

Advance Class

Hello everyone,

Today was a busy morning and afternoon.  We covered a lot.  In the morning we studied adverbs.  Adverbs are very tricky so great job everyone and thanks for your hard work.  Adverbs describe verbs.  They describe how, where or when something happens.  Pretty soon everyone could identify the verb and the adverb in the sentence.
In the gym we played a couple of cool games.  We took turns aiming the balls at the cones and balls set up as targets.  We set up a hop scotch course with hula hoops.
In the afternoon our science lesson was on vertebrates, animals with backbones and warm blood.  We learned a few facts and a lot of new vocab.  I think everyone is getting along well, working hard and having fun.  Have a great weekend and see you next week.
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