Abroad International School Osaka is an officially authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. AIS Osaka is a part of a group of quality international preschool - primary schools in Osaka, committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world.


A very warm welcome to Abroad International School. Abroad International School is an educational institution that prides itself on teaching its students in an immersive environment.We maintain a low student to teacher ratio allowing for a strong student teacher relationships and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) is for children of ages one through five. We recognize all children are entitled to a best start in life and support to achieve their potential. A child’s experience has a vital impact on his/her future life chances, so we do our best to provide them with a safe, happy and secure learning environment.

At the Primary School, we aim to make children confident and independent learners. We provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Learning at AIS is generally inquiry-based, where students are encouraged to identify pertinent questions and construct well-informed answers.

11th December 2019

Community Service Club /コミュニティクラブ

The students at Abroad International School Osaka are learning some important life lessons through community service. In light of the school’s mission, Ms.Trichelle Williams started the club to create a culture of volunteerism in young children.  As the students immerse themselves in a variety of activities such as cleaning the […]
9th December 2019


2021年度 小学1年生の入学について 2020年9月下旬~10月上旬に詳細を発表する予定です。 ※内部進学を優先とするため、募集を行わない可能性もございます。 対象:2014年4月1日 ~ 2015年3月30日生まれの方 見学・体験レッスンは随時行っておりますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。 ※2020年度の入学については直接お問い合わせください。 お問い合わせはこちらから
4th December 2019

Winter Campaign/冬のキャンペーン