Parents Days – June 2017
19th June 2017
Summer School 2018
5th June 2018

American Culture Day

American culture day was a lot of fun!  Everyone behaved really well, so we could learn a lot and do some fun activities together to learn about the United States.  We looked at a map and Miss Aurora and I introduced our home states.  We had eight big posters from the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Washington, Massachusetts, Louisiana and New York.  The terrain and culture are quite different among these places so I hope everyone could find a place of interest.  We watched a short video of an early Disney cartoon and we asked and answered some trivia questions.  We all learned the proper way to throw an American football and got a chance to practice.  I hope our presentation peaked your interest in our home country and you will learn more about the United States and foreign countries across the globe.