Tuition & Other Fees




Course Description

Only infants and toddlers have a 3, 4, or 5 day course options.  For the 3 or 4 day courses, once the dates are chosen by the parents, there are no make-up lessons for absent days.  AIS encourages parents to choose 5 day course. Since the curriculum is geared towards a 5 day school week, students who elect the latter option are responsible for any work missed to keep up with their peers. For 3-4 day courses, once the days are chosen, substitutes are not possible. But, to be able to change the selected days, one month notice is requested. AIS takes consideration of the application.  If the space is not available, request might be rejected by school. However, if an event is not on the selected day, parents can request a change to attend that event.

The courses of infants and toddlers are designed based on EYFS curriculum, therefore, in addition to English there is also Maths, Art, Music, and various other subjects taught throughout the school year.  Parents are highly encouraged to choose 5 day option since it covers all topics and the progression of the class will be day to day without gaps.  

3-4 day courses are available for infants and toddler classes only.

Early Arrivals & After School Care service

We offer early and after school care service to support parents who are working or busy.

Early Arrivals (8:00-9:00)

To accommodate the needs of parents we offer an Early Arrival service. We provide supervision so that students can get to school early and are ready to settle down for the start of the school day. Advance reservations for this service are required. (30 min counting)
A fee is applicable; please see the Fees section for more details.

After School Care Service (16:00-18:00)

The After School Care service provides reliable care after the normal school day. Advance reservations for this service are required. Parents may pick up their children at any time during the After School Care period however there will be no reduction or pre-calculating of the fee (30 min counting). Parents should pick up their children until 16:05. More than 10 minutes lateness will be charged as 30 min.



  • Age group: 1 year old
  • Students per class: 24 maximum(1 class)


  • Age group: 2 years old
  • Students per class: 26 maximum(2 classes)


  • Age group: 3 years old
  • Students per class: 24 maximum(2 classes)


  • Age group: 4 years old
  • Students per class: 24 maximum(2 classes)


  • Age group: 5 years old
  • Student per class:24 maximum(2 classes)


  • Age group: 6-12years old
  • Student per class:24 maximum(1 class in each grade)