Summer Campaign /夏のキャンペーン
13th July 2021
Inktober: The Worldwide Art Challenge That Has Everyone Drawing in October /インクトーバー:10月に誰もが絵を描く世界的なアートチャレンジ
6th October 2021

Abroad’s Got Talent 2021/タレントショー

As our first term has reached its end, our Abroad Student Council Osaka (ASCO) ended things with excitement by hosting our 4th annual talent show.  A wide range of talent was on display and fun was had by all.  Here are more details from our student council president, Riano:

“This year, we had two sessions for the talent show.  They were ELC + lower primary and upper primary students.  For student safety and social distancing, we had a Zoom live stream for student viewing as well.  For the opening act, we had grade 7 students doing an entertaining performance.  There were a lot of participants from the first session.  We had some nice music, singing, dancing, violin and piano performances.  Also, there was a cool magic show and some ballet dances.  These were the winners from the 1st session:

1st Anna A from Kinder with a ballet performance

2nd Aina and Luna from Pre-K with a dance performance 

3rd Seina from grade 3 with a violin performance


For session two, we had dancing, singing and piano performances.  These were the winners from the 2nd session:

1st Aiya, Rima, Melsa, Kaname from grade 4 with dancing and gymnastics

2nd Alina from grade 4 with a piano performance


Thanks to all performers who were risk takers!  Great job to all participants who showed their amazing talent!  We are looking forward to seeing more amazing talent next year.”



(student council president)









1位: キンダーAnna.A のバレーパフォーマンス





1位:4年生Aiya, Rima, Melsa, Kaname のダンスと体操パフォーマンス





生徒会長 Riano