Sports day / スポーツデー
18th October 2019
12th November 2019

A review of the IIMUN Presentation by Karina in Grade 5


By: Karina Nakamura

A representative from the I.I.M.U.N, Mr.Aman, came to talk about a great opportunity given to join an interesting workshop in Tokyo. I’m here to explain what it is.


The I.I.M.U.N is a group of people that are part of the U.N (United Nations). The I.I.M.U.N stands for “India International Movement of United Nations.” They’re a group trying to restore the harmony of the world. 


They gave us a list of things we could help with to improve our social impact:

  • Educate- Donate a book
  • Food for all- Feed a soul
  • Combat Climate Change- Plant a tree

Their group focuses on working together, getting more members and helping; but with this big opportunity, what are the benefits of all this hard work?

  • Public Speaking Improvements 
  • Resume building
  • Career choosing options
  • Enhances Global Citizenship
  • Cultural Extravaganza 


When the I.I.M.U.N has a conference for further progress, it lasts about 3 days. On the last day, the last ceremony starts where everyone has a competition. The Top 3 winners go to travel as a Japanese citizen to talk in the US. 


With this big job, you would expect that the grown-ups and elders are working on this issue, however, that is actually wrong! Kids can help as well! Students from grade 4-12 can . No worries about having to talk with people older than you. You will be talking with people the same age as you! Here is the information to join but make sure to have parental confirmation first: