Lunch Service

We aim to provide a healthy and balanced school lunch to our students. Family can also choose to bring their own lunch box.

How to order

School lunches are available to order on a monthly basis. A monthly lunch calendar will be sent by email and is displayed at reception. If you want to order lunch for your child, please inform reception one week before the end of the previous month by order form. Please have your order in before then. Lunch orders may be cancelled up to 17:00 three days before. Please inform the front desk if you would like to cancel your lunch order. If you cancel the order after 17:00 three days before, the lunch fee will be charged.
Please provide eating utensils, snack, and drink to your child each day of school lunch. These are not provided by the.

Food Restrictions / Allergies

While both the school and lunch company check the food for child allergies, the responsibility of ordering the food is with the parent. (For example, if your child is allergic to fish, please do not order food on the day they serve fish.)

The lunch company is able to provide alternative lunch for the students who have food restrictions. If you would like to order school lunch, please inform us of food restrictions on the order sheet. If the company is not able to provide an alternative lunch for your child, we will let you know.