Language Policy

At Abroad International School we believe language plays an essential role in all learning areas. We recognize that language development is an ongoing process. Students learn language, about language, through language and therefore, we acknowledge that all teachers are language teachers. Language is reinforced in multiple ways, including technically, practically, and as a medium of instruction. Language is the true transdisciplinary medium by which students and teachers make connections across the curriculum. Although English is the main language of instruction, systems are in place to encourage the support and development of all other languages used by students.



Assessment Policy

At Abroad International School written, taught and assessed curricula are interdependent. Assessment is an important tool to evaluate what students know and can do. Therefore, it is essential to determine when, how, and what to assess for planning, teaching, and learning.
Teachers use a wide range of strategies and tools to assess students learning and maximize their potential within their “zone of proximal development”.
Abroad International School promotes internationally minded students thus assessments are considered as an essential facet of guiding the learners through the five essential elements of learning: the understanding of concepts, the acquisition of knowledge, the mastering of skills, the development of attitudes, and the decision to take responsible action. Also, it is important for the whole school community to understand the importance of assessment, what is being assessed, and the criteria for success.
Assessment is used to screen the students’ progress, achievement, and effort. It is also utilized to adapt the curriculum, and differentiate planning accordingly.



Inclusion Policy

AIS Okayama strongly believes that all of its students, regardless of their differences, should be provided with authentic learning opportunities. The school will, at its best, utilize its resources and facilities to maximize student access for this provision. AIS Okayama promotes the IB principle to”encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right” (IB mission statement 2004).