Let’s begin OUR school life!

This group is for infants, who are still acquiring speaking skills. It begins with learning greetings and focuses on learning basic English through singing and various activities. Initially the kids are introduced to their new school environment through play and exploration, allowing them to become confident of their surroundings. Activities are conducted by a native English teacher and start with phonics and the alphabet. The key factor to this group is that children are exposed to and learn English in a fun manner.

A typical day in Infants


Excuse me, can you speak in English?

This is the age that children become interested in conversing. Therefore the main goal is to encourage the students to communicate with their peers and teachers. In this class we enjoy lots of exercises that focus on acquisition of vocabulary, pronunciation skills and letter/number recognition. There is also a focus on developing fine motor skills which is fundamental to growth and also helps prepare for Preschool class.

A typical day in Toddlers


Express yourself in English!

In this class the children’s listening skills develop further and the children improve upon communicating their feelings and opinions. In Preschool we begin to use a writing exercise book and practice holding and controlling writing implements.

A typical day in Preschool


Communicating with the teacher fluently!

At this age students become more capable at expressing themselves and exchanging thoughts and ideas in English. Not only do they progress their English through games and activities in this class, but they also study writing, reading and grammar structures. We provide plenty of opportunities to practice what we have learned in class through show and tell, news time and daily reviews etc.

A typical day in PreK


Get ready for Primary!

Kindergarten class provides a fast-paced, hands-on approach to learning and aims to promote independent study. Opportunities are provided for individual and group projects (across all subjects) and children are encouraged to pursuit areas of interest using various resources such as written word, images and technology. The Kindergarten curriculum is designed to further skills, knowledge and experience in order to ready students for elementary school.

All our classes are designed to allow the students to enjoy learning English and prevent any kind of obstacle between the child and the English language.