Saturday School Graduate Class – Nov 5
9th November 2016
Saturday School Newsletter – Nov 19
22nd November 2016

Saturday School Newsletter – Nov 11

Advance Class

Hello again!

We had a great class today.  Our class in the morning was all about adjectives.  Adjectives describe nouns.  Happy, green, messy, and seven, for example, are all adjectives.  We brainstormed a lot of adjectives, learned some new ones, and tried to figure out the opposite of each word.  Learning parts of speech will really improve our fluency, and help us to communicate better.
In the gym we tossed around the flying disc.  Hugh, Reo and Takuma all have good form.  We played some tamaire.  Rimi could sink the bean bags from a long way away.
Our science lesson was all about sharks.  We learned that sharks have to keep moving throughout their lives to stay alive.  The secret message in our worksheet we decoded taught us that sharks have no bones, they have skeletons made entirely of cartilage.
Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday.

Junior Class

Hello everybody,

We had another fun Saturday today again. We did a treasure hunt by following letters in the morning. Then, we talked about days, months, weather and the seasons, and we told our favorite weather and seasons. While talking about them we also sang their songs and danced. This week we mainly focused on modal verb “can”. We talked about what we can do and what we can’t. We answered the questions on the worksheet. We played sight words bingo game on the board. After that we studied phrases for greeting and did role play by using those phrases. At the end of the day, we read and listened some stories such as ” what is in the sky?”, “watch the wind”, “pirate’s treasure” and “Jack and beanstalk”.
Have a great week,

Kinder Class

Hello everyone,

We learned about animals, how to ask questions of ‘do you like ?’ and present continuous tense. We played  ‘Guess who’,balance and smart board car racing game related with present continuous tense. Kids  made pizza craft in the morning. We read two books, Sweet Dreams Maisy by Lucy Cousins and the Hat by Jan Brett. After the story time they picked their favorite books and exchanged each other’s books. in the afternoon we played London Bridge game.

See you next week!

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