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12th December 2016
Saturday School Newsletter- Dec 17
20th December 2016

Saturday School Newsletter – December 10

Kinder Class

Hello everyone!

This week we worked on combining a few of the different topics we have learned into more complicated sentences.

We started off with a quick review of the service professions (fireman, policeman and doctor), then sand “in front of, behind, between” and “do you like broccoli?” and played “where is the monkey?”. After that we played baseball to learn some new words; “station”, “building” and “hospital”. Next we played the mystery word game to learn the phonics and spelling of “next to”, “between” and “doctor”, before finishing up with a smartboard quiz on shapes, sizes and colours.

In our writing time we first had a bit of race to see who could write out as many comparatives and superlatives (Fast, faster, fastest, etc.) in ten minutes, then tried a difficult worksheet on service buildings (hospital, police station, fire station) and their locations and sizes (Where is the fire station? which building is the tallest?).

After lunch we played two games of musical chairs and then went back to work on our second worksheet some more. Writing time is proving to be a bit difficult at the moment for a number of reason, including the variety of different levels of ability in the class and it not being as fun as the games, songs and dances we do at the start of class. Hopefully I can make a few changes and stoke the kids’ interest in it after the winter holiday.

Speaking of which; next Saturday will be our last class for the year!

I hope you all have a great week! see you next Saturday!

Junior Class

Hi everybody!

We are very close to the end of the term. We have one more week before winter break.
We started our day by solving word search puzzle which helps to improve kids’ vocabulary knowledge. Then, we practiced our daily routines such as days, months, weather and seasons in the morning. We sang songs and danced a little to warm up before starting to our topic time.
We studied to write numbers by using letters and read them to get ready to our main topic. Our main topic was reading time for this week. First we practiced on the board by playing games and so we tried to comprehend the phrases “o’clock”, “quarter after” and “quarter to”. Then we wrote them on our time worksheets.
After lunch time we played another game about time on the smart board and then listened to stories before dismissal.
See you next week

Graduate Class

Hello everyone,

We had a great time today, Hugh was absent, but Reo and Rimi were back!  Shinichi was the winner of our morning game.  We asked and answered a lot of questions.
Our main focus today was punctuation.  Periods for statements, question marks for questions and exclamation points to show excitement, anger , or danger.  It ‘s tricky sometimes to know when to use them, but we looked at some key words to use as hints.
In the gym we played a few rounds of badminton, and threw the flying disc around.  It’s great to run around and expel all that extra energy.
In our science lesson we looked at reptiles and lizards.  Sea turtles, giant snakes and Komodo dragons, the biggest lizards in the world!
We rounded out the day with some ABC puzzles, back to the basics a bit, everyone worked together well.  Great job!  Have a great week and see you next Saturday.