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20th February 2017
Summer School 2017
16th May 2017

Saturday School Newsletter – April 1st

Advanced Class

Hello everyone,

Today was the first day of April.  April Fools’ Day, I was lucky and no one played a trick on me!  We welcome three new additions to our class, Ayano, Toyoki and Taiga.  Great to meet you all, you really fit right in!
In the morning we got to know each other by playing our board game Speaker Friendly.  We asked and answered questions about ourselves.  Our grammar lesson was about adverbs.  Adverbs are used to describe verbs.  How we might eat, run or travel around.  Our most useful trick is to remember that adjectives go with nouns and that adverbs go with verbs.  After a few exercises, we had it figured out.
Next, we played a game of dominoes.  Did you know that the game is over 700 years old?  In dominoes, the player with the lowest score is the winner and we need to use our math skills.  I think everyone enjoyed playing.
In the gym, we teamed up and played flag tag.  Teams had to race across the gym without losing their flags while staying inside the boundaries.  It took many turns before one team could make it all the way across to the other side.
In the afternoon we practiced reading and comprehension.  It is really important to read out loud with a clear voice as often as possible to improve intonation and fluency.  Comprehension checks are important to make sure our grammar and vocabulary are sinking in.
Our science lesson today was about deciduous and coniferous trees.  Deciduous trees have leaves that change color in autumn and die in the winter, coniferous trees stay green all year round.  Thank you for your hard work today and I hope you had some fun.
Kinder Class
Hello everyone!

Sorry, we had a little bit of a messy start this morning; the school is still in the middle of getting all of the classrooms and computers ready for the 1st term of the new school year.

From now on our classroom will be on the 10th floor and our start time will be 9:30.

We started off the day with our usual warm up questions and an action verb quiz on the smartboard. We then played ‘simon says’ using the verbs in the quiz and I asked the kids to come up with a list of new ones. We practiced some of these with a modified game of ‘duck, duck, goose’ (drink, drink, swim, etc) and a game of baseball. We finished up the first part of the morning by playing the mystery word game to learn the spelling and phonics of ‘hit’ and ‘throw’.

After a short break we sang and danced to ‘do you like broccoli?’ and talked about the foods we like and don’t like, before moving on to writing. Our writing activity was a worksheet where the kids had to compose a sentence along the lines of ‘does Tim like to run?’ and answer it with ‘yes, he does’ or ‘no, he doesn’t’ by looking at a series of pictures. It proved to be a little bit difficult, so we will practice the topic some more and come back to try it again in a few weeks.

After lunch, we practiced following spatial relation instructions (red block next to the green block, etc.) to build matching shapes and had some free form conversation while making things with play dough.

After playing in the gym, we ate our snack, played colour and shape bingo on the smart board, then finished the day by reading some books in the library.

See you all next week!
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