Happy Holidays!
22nd December 2016
Saturday School Newsletter – April 1st
7th April 2017

Saturday School Newsletter – Feb 18

Kinder Class

Hello eceryone!
Today we started working on the subject of “likes” and “favourites”.
After our warm up questions we reviewed our A-E words and learned our new F-words, then played a racing car quiz game about jobs.
Next we discussed the food we like and our favourite colours, then played “like, like, favourite” (a version of duck, duck, goose) to practice pronunciation, and the mystery word game for spelling and phonics.
During our writing time, we finished two worksheets, one on F words and one on favourite foods, then started on a more difficult third one about various other favourites.
We also danced to a song or two, made shapes out of playdough and played bingo on the smartboard. The bingo game involved some more difficult shapes, such as cubes, hexagons and cones, and I was impressed at how quickly the kids mastered them.
After playing in the gym, we ate our snacks while watching Adventure Time, then went to the library. The kids choose a lot of books, but we ended up spending the whole time reading Toy Story; their attention span for English books is getting a lot better and they seem to be understanding a lot more of the stories.
Next week we will continue on with “like” and “favourite”, and also add “dislike” and “hate”. After they have a good grasp on those, we will combine them with family members and other topics we have previously studied for review.

I hope you all have a great week!
See you next Saturday!

Junior Class

Hi everyone,

We started a colors and shapes topic this week. Therefore we started our day by solving a word search which is about basic colors to recall our vocabulary from past lessons. Then we moved to our morning routines, we placed days, months, seasons and the weather into to correct places on the board, and sang their song. They seem they can read almost all days and months anymore.
During topic time, we put basic shapes with colors on board and tried to state their names with their colors. Almost everybody could do great about stating colors correctly and reading them. Shape part was a little new for them so we focused on shapes more by playing games. Games were mostly related with shapes with colors but we studied and played some only shape ones also. After getting a little familiar to them by games, we studied them on our worksheets. Kids wrote colors and used them in the sentences to tell about colors of animals shown in the pictures on the worksheets.
After lunch time, we completed rest of our worksheets. Then played some more games on the board but this time games were required not only choosing correct colors and shapes but also required reading the sentences and plotting the correct answers into them. We finished our day by listening stories as usual, one of them was related with colors and shapes and the other one was “Snow White”.
Have a great week

Advanced Class

Hello everyone.
We had a small class today. Shinichi, Takuma and I made sentences from mixed up words this morning. Everyone did a nice job. We did some word puzzles about bees and other insects.
We read a story about two kids playing on a rainy day and we tried to see how much we could remember from the story.
Shinichi went home at one, so Takuma and I played in the gym. We did some gymnastics on the parallel bars and the hobble horse.
In the afternoon we studied more about insects. We learned how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and the different stages of an insect’s life. Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday.

Have a great weekend and see you next Saturday.