Saturday School Kinder Newsletter – Nov 5
9th November 2016
Saturday School Graduate Class – Nov 5
9th November 2016

Saturday School Junior Newsletter – Nov 5


In the morning, we all said “good morning” to each other and talked about what we did last week. Then we practiced days of the week, months of the year, the weather, and the seasons by singing lots of songs and playing games on the board. It was very nice to see the kids while they were enjoying and practicing with songs. Then we talked about our favorite season and the weather.
This Saturday we mostly focused on improving our vocabulary. First we played a game about oceans animals and learned their names. We reviewed alphabet with their phonics sounds and tried to find words for each letter. Then we tried to write all letters nicely and found some missing letters on the worksheet. After that we matched the words with pictures and wrote the words under the pictures. When we finished writing all the words, we tried to find them in word search puzzle.
After lunch, we read the story called “How to Catch a Star”.
The weather is getting cold, take care everybody.
See you next week.
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