Abroad International School (Elementary School)

Admission and fees

Admission criteria

  • age
  • Class availability
  • academic ability
  • English skills
  • Report card from previous school (kindergarten), etc.
  • Parent support
  • Age-appropriate adaptability and maturity

Elementary school/Junior high school

Age-appropriate group living skills, English proficiency, and learning ability are required.

Depending on the situation, we will consider whether there are any differences in the balance of the number of male and female students, school rules, and understanding of the philosophy.

Once you have submitted the required documents and completed the interview, you will be contacted by the school regarding your acceptance or rejection. After that, please respond within the period set by the school regarding your intention to enroll, and pay the tuition fee within approximately one week to complete the enrollment procedure.

Tuition fee

Tuition fees can be paid either annually or in one lump sum per semester. The list below shows the fees payment required for one year. Once has been made, enrollment fees, tuition fees, annual materials fees, and annual maintenance fees cannot be refunded for any reason, including absence.

Application fee 21,500 JPY Pay when submitting application
Admission fee 105,000 JPY Pay at the time of enrollment
Material fee 75,000 JPY Annual payment (cost per student)
Tuition fee 1,300,000 JPY Annual tuition fee (semester payment is also possible)
Maintenance costs 100,000 JPY Annual maintenance fee