Summer School 2019
5th June 2019
Numeracy Week
1st July 2019

Indoor Soccer Tournament at Abroad Osaka

Abroad Osaka Primary School students participated in an indoor soccer tournament which was held at the gym. 6 teams applied for the tournament and it took 2 weeks to until the final match. Each team had 5 players mixed from different classes. 
We were using lunch recess time and each play was 5 minutes. 
After a wonderful final match, the blue team was the winner and they got their cup at the ceremony. each team had also lots of supporters.
Congratulations on the blue team and we are looking forward to watching you during next tournaments too. 
P. S.: We heard some gossips about the next tournament and seems that it might be a handball tournament.  
SPECIAL THANK : Our PE Teacher Mr. Soydan & Mr. Taiki