Indoor Soccer Tournament at Abroad Osakaアブロード大阪インドアサッカー大会
20th June 2019
Handball Championship!ハンドボール大会
11th July 2019

Numeracy Week

What a week! We had a week full of fun Math activities! 

Our Numeracy week started off very nicely with Maths Gameshow, where students enjoyed Math related quizzes. Each day we had students gathering in front of the board with “Math question of the day” and “What comes next”, where not just students, but also teachers enjoyed solving the quizzes. 

On Friday the students looked great in their own Maths costumes and enjoyed shopping with the money they earned throughout the week. Students also did a wonderful job capturing Maths in real life. It was a great opportunity to know that Maths is everywhere! 

Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who participated!