Japanese Culture Day
7th July 2017
World Culture Day
13th September 2017

Every Reader is A Star!

What an exciting and fun week we had during BOOK FAIR!

The objective of our event was to promote reading and interaction with various books. We had books for all levels and ages in our school. The students had chances to visit Book Fair as library time and read/look at the books they wanted to. It was so much fun! Some books were so silly while some of them were very shiny!

On Wednesday and Thursday our students bought the books they wanted to by themselves. We gave Preschool~Kinder friends fake money and they shopped with their own money.

And lastly on Friday, we had a BOOK FAIR celebration time as a whole school in our playroom. Our Pre-K and Kinder friends told us which books they have chosen and why. It was such a wonderful week with multi-learning opportunities. We can`t even wait for a new one!

The MORE that you READ,

the more THINGS you will KNOW.


the more PLACES you’ll GO!

                                ~Dr. SEUSS