Abroad International School Sendai Branch invites you to 2020 Spring School program which is going to be held in March!

All lessons are performed in English and we would like to welcome you even if it is your first time in English!

The classes will focus on English language development and the students will have fun with various activities such as crafts, songs, books as well as a specific Spring School theme.

Please join us in our Spring School at ABROAD!





Date & Time

Date Number of the Days  Age Time
March  16,17, 18, 19 4 Days 1 and 2 Years old (Only AIS Students)

3~12 Years old








◆ Tuition

4 day course ¥30,000   ¥27,000 (For the early applications until February 7th 2020) (¥25,000 with friend or sibling application)

¥20,000  ¥18,000 (AIS and ALC students and their siblings, for the early applications until February 7th 2020)





  • How to Apply

Please fill in the application form attached and send it via email or  fax or bring it to the school directly.

FAX : 022-213-7793        E-mail : sendai@ablc.jp

Please transfer participation fee to the bank account below.

Bank:77 Bank

Daily Account

Account No.:7646020

Account Name:Baharu Education Corporation

Abroad Language Center Sendai


  • Deadline for Application & Payment

Deadline for application is  6th March, Friday 17.00 pm.

Payment should be done after the application form is filled out.


  • Daycare

Morning :  08:00~09:00  Afternoon : 15:00~18:00

Please make your daycare application with Spring school application.

Daycare fee is 600 yen for 30 minutes.(On the day application is 1,100 yen / per 30 min)


  • What to Bring

Every day: Lunch (or school lunch), drink, snack, a set of fork & spoon, wet towel, hand towel, hat

  • School Lunch: 400 yen/per lunch(450 yen for Elementary school students)

Leave at school: Indoor shoes, tooth brush & paste, smock, spare cloths


  • School Attendance Rules
  • Please do not send your child to school if…

* A fever (99F/37.5C or more) is present.

* Vomiting or diarrhea is present.

  • If any of these symptoms occur while your child is at school, you will be contacted

to pick up your child immediately.

  • Please call the office when your child going to be absent with the reason of

illness or any other reason.

  • For your child’s safety and security, please introduce yourself to school staff when you come to pick up your child.
  • Please do not bring toys or valuable items, they might get broken and lost at school.

Schedule of the Week

Everyday schedule will include sessions as:

*Morning Meeting, *English and Literacy, *Math, *Topic Exploration, *Arts and Crafts, *Physical education/Park, *Snack and Lunch Time, *Afternoon Meeting

Spring School weekly theme of each class will be sent to parents before the start of Spring School.


We look forward to a fun Spring School week together!