アブロードインターナショナルスクールへようこそ。 当校は1歳児から中学部(1年生)までのお子様へ英語で教育を行っております。質の高いカリキュラムと、国際的な雰囲気の中で学べる環境をお子様に提供しています。


幼稚部は1~5歳までのお子様を対象にしています。当校は英語を勉強するのではなく、「英語で」色々な事を学び、遊ぶ場所。 子どもたちは、英語で学校生活を送る中で自分に必要な言葉から自然に身に付けていきます。また、国際色豊かなスタッフと触れ合うことでこどもたちは様々な発見、 興味、関心を持ち視野が広がるとともに、母国への関心もより一層深まることでしょう。



20th November 2020

Japanese Culture Day 2020

We had such a wonderful cultural day! On Friday 13th November, the students had a day full of Japanese cultural experience. They enjoy playing various games including coin toss, chopsticks, bowling, bouncy ball scooping, and craft at our autumn festival. We also had a group of guests for Taishogoto (Japanese […]
14th November 2020

Sports Day 2020

Dear Parents, We are more than thankful that you attended our Sports Day 2020. Although we had to change the event’s structure due to the COVID-19, the event turned out to be a great success and joy. You can find the photos taken during the event below. Please be reminded that you need […]
3rd September 2020

Primary School Grade 1 Applications for April 2021
2021年度 小学部募集要項

Abroad Osaka has two kindergarten classes. For 2021 April, next year’s primary school applications from our kindergarten classes were more than we expected.  Since there are many students who plan to continue in our primary school, we decided to have Grade 1  A and B classes to have more seats […]