All visitors and volunteers, including parents, must report to the office.  Visitors will be asked to sign in and pick up a “Visitor” pass that must be worn the entire time they are in the building.  If you are in the school without a Visitor pass, you will be asked to return to sign in.  Please do not take offense at this as it is for the safety of everyone.  When you leave, please return the pass and sign out.

Although we welcome parents to visit their child’s classroom, it is important to note that any visitors in the classroom, especially parents, cause a disruption to the learning of all children. Children become nervous with parents present and frequently do not behave in the classroom as they normally would.  This causes stress not only to your child but to the other children and sometimes to the teacher as well.  Therefore, as a general rule, we ask that you refrain from visiting your child’s classroom except on rare occasions.  There are two special “Celebration of Learning” days included in the AIS calendar when we invite all parents to visit their child’s class.  (Please see “Celebration of Learning” for further information.)

If you desire to visit your child’s classroom on a day other than “Celebration of Learning” days, prior teacher and school manager approval is required at least one month in advance.  When visiting, please refrain from interfering with the classroom routines and your child’s work.  At no time should you expect any teacher to interrupt instruction to speak to you during a classroom visit.  You must make prior arrangements for a conference.  If a parent abuses his/her privileges to visit the classrooms, AIS reserves the right to limit future visits.





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