Principal Mr. Ulu
PYP Curriculum Coor. / Vice Principal Mr. Yaldiz
Vice Principal Ms. Chiya
Head Teacher Ms. Stacy
Administrative Secretary Ms. Miyuki, Ms. Rika
Infants Teachers Homeroom:Mr. William, Assistants:Ms. Chie
Toddlers Teachers Homeroom:Mr. Dean, Assistants:Ms. Sayuri, Ms. Aini
Preschool Teachers A:Homeroom:Mr. Ben, Assistant:Ms. Yuki / Aynur
PreKinder Teachers A:Homeroom:Mr. James, Assistant:Ms. Nao / Aynur 
Kindergarten Teachers A:Homeroom:Ms. Bel, Assistant:Ms. Yui


B:Homeroom:Ms. Rin, Assistant:Ms.Hisako

PE Mr. Soydan
Music Teacher  Ms. Nao
Grade 1 Teacher Ms. Trichelle
Grade 2 Teacher Ms. Rachael
Grade 3 Teacher Ms. Stacy
Grade 4 Teacher Ms. Hannah
Grade 5 Teacher Ms. Katherine
Grade 6 Teacher Ms. Kapra
Grade 9 Teacher Mr. Aidar
Japanese Teacher Ms. Chiya (Grade 6.9) Ms. Azusa (Grade1-5)
ICT Teacher Mr. Aidar
Music Teacher  Ms. Kyoko
PE Teacher Mr. Soydan
School Nurse Ms. Yui

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