At the Primary School, we aim to make children confident and independent learners. We provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Learning at EIS is generally inquiry-based, where students are encouraged to identify pertinent questions and construct well-informed answers.

 International Baccalaureate  Primary Years Programme

Students are introduced to the Learner Profile. The ten attributes of which will help them become learners for life.  This is the core of our curriculum.  From there we teach transdiciplinary units of inquiry so that our learners can make connections between the disciplines and have a deeper understanding of concepts that lay the foundation for life.

Japanese National Curriculum

Primary students are assessed in many ways.  Each unit of inquiry contains a summative assessment task which students must complete to reflect on and show their growth.  Additionally, teachers use many ongoing strategies in the classroom for formative assessments.  Students build their own learning portfolios which are presented to parents during Student Led Conferences and show some of the things they have learned in their time at school. We do not place a high priority on paper testing alone, as it is only one method for assessing true learning and growth.  In the upper primary grades, we do begin to incorporate formal test situations, ranging from short quizzes to test papers designed to not only test a learning outcome, but also train the students in test styles and strategies.

As an international school, we have students from all around the globe.  Some of them do not have English as a first language.  Our language policy supports use of mother tongue in the school but English is our language of instruction. We give EAL support for students who need it so that they can enjoy their conceptual understanding of topics while still learning the English vocabulary to be able to communicate that understanding to their peers and teachers.

Become a lifelong learner with us!

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