Summer School Poster 2019 A4

Please download the application form and send us by email or mail if you would like to apply for summer school

Summer school application form (click here) サマースクール参加申込書(こちらをクリック)

Period of applying for summer school: June 1st – June 30th

*We will let you know whether your child can join our summer school or not by the beginning of July

We use the current school bus route and timetable for week 1 and week 4.  week 1とweek 4は現在のバスルートとなります
School bus route for week1 and week4 スクールバスルート (click here)

We will let you know about the bus route and the timetable for week 2 and week 3 by the beginning of July.
week 2 と week 3のバスルートおよび時刻表は7月上旬までにお知らせいたします


Abroad International school
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