International Children Festival
November 8, 2017
Grade 2 November Field Trip
November 21, 2017
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Preschool and Kinder November Field Trip

This Thursday, on November 03’2017, Kindergarten and Preschool went on a field trip to Higashiyama Zoo! It was a bright, sunny beautiful day, and the classes enjoyed being partnered together, seeing all the animals and their habitats. While walking through the zoo, some children were pointing out the names of the baby animals that the Kindergarten class were learning throughout the week! This year, we got a chance to go into the reptile pavilion and the classes absolutely loved them! They were so curious about the snakes, iguanas (even some were shedding and they were so curious about them and asked questions like “What is that?” “ Why are they shedding” “What does shedding mean”)   Overall it was a well informative day, and the students had such a great time that they fell asleep when we arrived on the bus!