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March 24, 2017
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April 1, 2017
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Year End Performance and Graduation 2016-2017

Year End Performance and Graduation 2016-2017
Our entire school community was moved and proud of all our learners and teachers as they led us through a land of fairy tales.  Our hearts were warmed at the teddy bears house as the infants showed us where their teddy eyes and ears were.  We were so impressed with the loud voices of the Toddler class as they defeated the big bad wolves.  The Preschoolers surprised us with a visit from several mysterious strangers who helped them clean up and wake up. The Pre-K class dazzled us with their adventures in wonderland and cake by the ocean. The Kindergarten class measured up with Marry Poppins and was sent off to grow up in Elementary school after they had one last adventure laughing and flying kites. Elementary classes adapted stories of Cindarella, Stone Soup and Jack and the beanstalk which entertained and delighted us all.  Finally we all were starstruck by the school rendition of “When you Wish upon a Star” to be followed by a lovely graduation honouring the achievement and handwork of our Kindergarteners.  Thank you everyone for another fantastic year!